Garden and Gun Magazine

In Garden and Gun magazine's article titled "100 Southern Foods You Absolutely, Positively Must Try Before You Die", our famous Bourgeois Beef Jerky is the first food mentioned.


"... For fifteen-odd years now I’ve been documenting the stories told at our collective table, paying homage to our cooks by way of words. Still, the compilation of this list was an exercise in folly, attempted with a 100-count bottle of antacids and a modicum of hubris. ... in the bites that follow, I hope that you recognize the diverse and delicious South I know and love. My idea was not to codify the best Southern eats. My aim was to assemble a sample of the sort of bounty that beckons the curious and the hungry. Upon first bite, each dish announces its peculiar terroir. And commands a second bite. Then a third. Enjoy..."

Bourgeois Beef Jerky
Bourgeois Meat Market
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Imagine a salted beef loin that has shriveled to one-tenth its original size. Imagine that, in the process, said petrified loin twig becomes the embodiment of umami. That just about explains this inexplicably good jerky.