Bourgeois Beef Jerky

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This is our number one seller. Making the best Cajun beef jerky is a long, slow process. First we marinate lean strips of quality steaks with our special blend of seasoning. Then we spend hours painstakingly hanging each strip on nails in custom made smoke sticks. We smoke Bourgeois Beef Jerky all day long in a traditional wood smoker. One taste is all you need to understand what all the fuss is about.

Check out Garden and Gun magazine's article, "100 Southern Foods You Absolutely, Positively Must Try Before You Die" which names Bourgeois Beef Jerky first on the list.

*IMPORTANT* Handling instructions: Bourgeois Beef Jerky is not dried out like most commercial products and we do not use preservatives. As a result, our beef jerky must be refrigerated once the vacuum pack seal is broken. Just put the remaining beef jerky in a ziploc bag and it will last 5-7 days in the fridge. As long as the vacuum packs are still intact, the pack will go 6 weeks without refrigeration.


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Lexi Sarang Apr 14th 2018

Best Beef Jerky!!!

My coworkers introduced this jerky to me- seriously the best I’ve ever had! I had to go home and order 3 bags of it. My family tried it and couldn’t get enough of it! Will definitely be ordering more soon. And fast shipping! What more could you ask for!

Benjamin Marble Apr 5th 2018

1/2 lb Cajun beef jerky

It will melt in your mouth and the amazing smoky flavor grows as you chew. in a small room you can even smell the smokiness. it’s quite amazing. hands down the best jerky out there. I have and will continue to buy this for myself and as gifts for my jerky enthusiast friends. Thank you!

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