Beef Styx

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This product is our version of a Slim Jim. We take all of the marinated trimmings that were too small to make into beef jerky and grind them up. Afterwards, we stuff them into a small-diameter synthetic casing and smoke them all day right alongside the beef jerky.

*IMPORTANT* Handling instructions: Bourgeois Beef Styx are not dried out like most commercial products and we do not use preservatives. As a result, our beef styx must be refrigerated once the vacuum pack seal is broken. Just put the remaining beef styx in a ziploc bag and they will last 5-7 days in the fridge. As long as the vacuum packs are still intact, the pack will go 6 weeks without refrigeration.

Ships in either half pound ($8.75) or quarter pound ($4.75) vacuum packs.


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Richard Hinton Dec 22nd 2020


It taste very good. Everyone needs to try it.

Brian Sines Dec 21st 2020

Beef Sticks

I was advised to try your meats and the Beef Sticks were one of my favorites. The taste was very good and I loved the seasonings and smoke flavor. I will be purchasing again in the near future. Thank you.

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