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We now offer dog treats and boy are they popular. So far we have two products: Bourgeois Pupsicles and Bourgeois Pup Styx.

Bourgeois Pupsicles

To create the Pupsicles, we take the pork shoulder bones with a little meat still left on, lightly salt them, and smoke the bones alongside our smoked sausage. As a result the bones have that distinctive smoky Bourgeois aroma which dogs love as it turns out. Also, pork bones are soft so most dogs will eat them completely meaning there's no bone left dragging around the house or to run over with the lawnmower. There's no preservatives in this product, so put it in your fridge when you get it.

Bourgeois Pup Styx

To make the Pup Styx, we use the trimmings from the beef jerky and grind it up along with some grains and vegetables. Then we stuff them in the same casings we use for our Beef Styx and smoke them the exact same way. If you're wondering, they are composed of 2/3 lean beef and 1/3 vegetables and grains. Again, we don't use preservatives, so put the remaining portion of the Pup Styx in your fridge if you don't feed it all to your dog at one time.


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