Bourgeois Summer Sausage

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Bourgeois Summer Sausage is a beef / pork mixture stuffed into a large fibrous casing. The "miracle" inside is a top-secret, Cajun recipe created by none other than Nonc Shane Thibodaux. Since our first batch in early 2019, we have turned to our customers for feedback after each sampling. We adjusted flavors upon request until we had it absolutely NAILED!

Slicing into a log will reveal flakes of coarse pepper, chunks of cheddar cheese, and bits of whole jalapeno peppers. Besides the obvious sprinkle of whole mustard seeds, the rest can be left as a mystery. The logs are smoked by wood fire in our old school smokehouses just like our WORLD FAMOUS Beef Jerky.

Summer Sausage is the perfect addition to any gathering. You can slice it up with a pocket knife beside the campfire or pair it with crackers and cheese at a black tie formal. 

Since Summer Sausage makes an excellent Christmas Gift, we have included it in our new Holiday "Smoke Box". 


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Denise Bergeron Jan 2nd 2020

Summer Sausage

Purchased as part of a Christmas gift it was a hit he loved it

Kelly Sears Dec 23rd 2019

Summer sausage!

Both of these variety’s are excellent. I ordered one of each and my daughter told me we needed to order more!

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