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Our version of hog cracklings are once again from the old way of doing things. Back in the early part of last century, the meat of any animal was highly valuable. All meat was either salted and preserved or used as fresh cuts; it was never left on the skin to make cracklings like many places do today. Our cracklins are made from the skin with a little fat left on the back side. They are slow fried until tender and lightly seasoned with only salt. Enjoy.

Ships in 3.2 oz (1/5th pound) resealable packs for $2.99 each.


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Roy mcCurdy Mar 5th 2021


some of the best I have ever ate !

James Feb 18th 2021

Crackling good !

Very fresh and very tasty. These cracklings are seasoned perfectly and not over salted. That's the way it should be done. These cracklings will not break teeth like so many other brands might. They have fair amount of fat attached to it skin. All good.

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