Tips for Proper Care

of Your Deer or Hog


  • Bleed your kill. Most hunters forget this important step. Cut the jugular vein as SOON as possible.
  • Rinse your meat. After skinning and dressing the carcass, use a hose to clean it as best you can.
  • Packaging. Hang the carcass as long as possible to let it dry. Quarter the carcass if necessary to place in large plastic bags to keep it dry. Ice the animal well and make sure you pull the plug on your ice chest.
  • Don’t soak your meat in water. Soaking meat is one of the worst things to do to any animal carcass. Besides allowing bacteria to grow and spread, it removes all the flavor of the meat. Deer these days have access to higher quality feed than cattle. This leads to a higher grade of meat which lacks much of the typical wild game taste.





Sausage                                             PER POUND

50/50 (1/2 pork) --------------------------------$2.45

65/35 (1/3 pork) --------------------------------$2.15


Sausage Flavors

Mild, Hot, Garlic, or Jalapeno, Green Onion --- N/C

Add cheese (pepper jack or cheddar) ---------- $.75

To smoke sausage -------------------------------$1.50


Ground Meat

50/50 pork ---------------------------------------$2.15

50/50 beef ---------------------------------------$2.00

50/25/25 deer/beef/pork (*best tasting) ------$2.25


Deer Styx

1/3 beef, fully cooked ---------------------------$4.00


Deer Summer Sausage   **NEW PRODUCT**

1/3 beef & pork mix fully cooked---------------$6.00

Original OR Jalapeno Cheddar 


4 oz. Deer Burger Patties

50/25/25 deer/beef/pork -----------------------$2.55



Freezer paper wrap ------------------------------$.40

Tubes for ground meat or bulk sausage-------- $.50

Vacuum packed ----------------------------------$.80


Only Deer Processing

Just grind -----------------------------------------$.60

Make sausage ------------------------------------$1.50



(for larger animals, please ask about pricing)

Whole animal -------------------------------------$60.00

Leg ------------------------------------------------$12.00

Neck   ---------------------------------------------$5.00

Rib   -----------------------------------------------$5.00 

Backstrap -----------------------------------------$3.00