Tips for Proper Care

of Your Deer or Hog

 leed your kill. Most hunters forget this important step. Cut the jugular vein as SOON as possible.

  • Rinse your meat. After skinning and dressing the carcass, use a hose to clean it as best you can.
  • Packaging. Hang the carcass as long as possible to let it dry. Quarter the carcass if necessary to place in large plastic bags to keep it dry. Ice the animal well and make sure you pull the plug on your ice chest.
  • Don’t soak your meat in water. Soaking meat is one of the worst things to do to any animal carcass. Besides allowing bacteria to grow and spread, it removes all the flavor of the meat. Deer these days have access to higher quality feed than cattle. This leads to a higher grade of meat which lacks much of the typical wild game taste.




There is a 10 lb minimum required for each product you would like made. 
Example: If you want to make sausage and ground meat, you would need to drop off at least 20 lbs of boneless meat. 10 lbs will go towards sausage and 10 lbs would go towards ground meat.

If you choose 50/50 sausage, we will take your 10 lbs of deer meat and add 10 lbs of pork which will give you a total weight of 20 lbs.

For sausage orders, there is a 10 lb minimum for each flavor that you will have stuffed. Example: You bring in 10 lbs of deer, we add 10 lbs of pork = 20 lbs of sausage total. You can select 2 flavors to be stuffed. 


If you bring frozen meat in, we will wait until it is thawed to get a final weight.